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In weeks lecture we learnt about understanding your DSLR camera and exposure settings, like how to use the camera’s shutter button. I learnt that if I half press the shutter button it will activate the AF function which tells me where my focal point is. If I press the shutter button fully it will release the shutter which means I take the picture. We also used the Cannon exposure tool to edit in class. I now understand that timing, debt of field and light senisitivity are equally important when I am taking a picture. We studied about Aperature, shutter speed and ISO.

Understanding your DSLR camera and exposure settings, is all very confusing at the minute. I am hoping with some practice I will get a better understanding of all this new information.

For homework we had to take three pictures of food using our camera on manual and choose our own camera settings (Shutter speed. Aperature and ISO). The image has to be exposed correctly.

I took each of these images in the kitchen. The set up is same as the picture below except taken from different angles. The camera was to the left of the set up for the cake pops. I placed the camera on the tripod straight in front for the banana bread and to the left for the brown bread. I placed a sheet of wallpaper on the kitchen table and stuck it to the window sill. The window is behind the set up with a timber blind. I closed the timber blind as there is a door to the right of the set up and I felt left in enough light. I had the camera on the tripod while I took all three images.

Home made Irish whiskey Cake pops:

Cake pops are covered in a white chocolate with some sprinkles. I placed the cake pops into a mug of coffee beans. I should have added a bottle of Jameson whiskey into the shot. The camera setting are as follows:

Aperture f/1.8. Shutter Speed 1/10. ISO 100

Banana and Chocolate bread:

The next image is Banana and Chocolate bread. I took this picture looking down onto the scene. I added a cup of black tea and a jug of milk to the image, I also sprinkled some bananas and chocolate chips to show what I used in the cake. The camera settings were:

Aperture f/2.2.       Shutter Speed 1/25.       ISO 400.


Home made brown bread:

My final image was Home made brown bread served with home made blackcurrant jam. When I saw this image on the computer screen I was disappointed with myself as I sliced the bread with the intention of each sliced slice falling onto each other but I left them standing. I buttered a slice and added some of the blackcurrant jam. I placed some butter on the slate in front of the pot of jam but again another mistake it cant be seem, if I had the slices falling on top of each the butter would have been seen. The camera settings are as follows:

Aperture f/2.5.      Shutter Speed 1/6.         ISO 400


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