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This week we had to take three pictures of food using our camaras on manual and choose our own settings.

I made Irish whiskey Cake pops covered in a white chocolate. I placed the cake pops into a mug of coffee beans, I would have liked to put in a small bottle of whiskey to show the ingredients but all I had was a large bottle and it looked really silly in the picture so i decided to let it out.

Aperture f/1.8. Shutter Speed 1/10. ISO 100

The next image is Banana and Chocolate bread. I took this picture looking down onto the scene. I added a cup of black tea and a jug of milk to the image, I also sprinkled some bananas and chocolate chips to show what I used in the cake.

Aperture f/2.2.       Shutter Speed 1/25.       ISO 400.

My final image was Home made brown bread served with home made blackcurrant jam. When I saw this image on the computer screen I was dissappointed with myself as I sliced the bread with the intention of each sliced slice falling onto each other but I left them standing. I buttered a slice and added some of the blackcurrant jam. I placed some butter on the slate in front of the pot of jam but again another mistake it cant be seem, if I had the slices falling on top of each the butter would have been seen.

Aperture f/2.5.      Shutter Speed 1/6.         ISO 400


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