occasion cakes menu:

Occasion cakes are a great option when celebrating a special occasion. Our occasion cakes are made up of three layers of freshly baked sponge with a delicious filling of your choice and a simple message. We have a few styles of cake to choose from;


Style 1:

This style cake is a great option if you want to celebrate an occasion and maybe you don’t want the fuss or cost of an elaborate cake, just something simple to mark the occasion!!

  • Sponge Flavour Options:

Vanilla Sponge

Chocolate Sponge

  • Filling Options:

Chocolate fudge

Buttercream (Vanilla,Toffee, lemon or chocolate).

Strawberry / Raspberry Jam

 If you would like to add a little extra to your cake; for example fresh fruit, toffee sauce, lemon curd, strawberry/raspberry conserve or a personalised edible image.These can be added as an additional charge.

Contact me if you would like to chat about ordering an occasion cake or ring me on 0871238921.

Decorated Occasion Cakes:

All decorated occasion “novelty” cakes are priced individually. The actual price depends on the individual design, style and specifications required.

For more details types of flavours available , please see cake menu or simply contact us for more information.

If you would like to view my gallery of occasion cakes, click the links below!!