sweet treats:


All our home made sweet treats are delicious for any occasion. All sweet treats are priced on an individual basis. Scroll down to see our home made sweet treats.

Sweet treats

                                                                      Classic Cupcakes

 Flavoured Cupcakes

 Bespoke Cupcakes


Meringue Kisses

Classic French Macarons

Home made Marchmallow

 Homemade mini tartlets

 Marshmallow Pops

Homemade chocolate and flavoured brownie

Homemade Cookies


Classic Cupcakes:

Vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry/strawberry filling and simply piped with buttercream and sprinkles.

€25 per dozen

Flavoured cupcakes:

 Lemon  .  Chocolate  .  White Chocolate  .  Red Velvet

€30 per dozen

Bespoke Cupcakes:

Personalised fondant iced cupcakes, decorated to match your theme or design.

Vanilla  .  Lemon  .  Chocolate  .  White Chocolate  .  Red Velvet

starting @ €50 per dozen


Delicious cake balls served on a stick covered in chocolate,dipped in Sprinkles.

Vanilla  .  Lemon  .  Chocolate 

€2.00 each (minimum order of 20)

Meringue Kisses

These cute, colourful and adorable bitesize meringue pieces are a great little party nibble.

Can be served plain, coloured, or dipped in sprinkles or chocolate.

 (Minimum order of 24/ 2 dozen)

Classic French Macarons

Sweet meringue and almond bite sized confection, sandwiched together with ganache or buttercream.

Vanilla  .  Lemon . Hazelnut .  Chocolate  .  White Chocolate

 (Minimum order of 24/ 2 dozen)

Homemade mini tartlets:

Bite sized tartlets with a homemade sweet shortcrust pastry base, filled with a variety of fillings.

Lemon meringue . Lemon curd and fruit . Banoffee . Chocolate . Rhubarb/Apple Crumble . Bakewell . Mince Tartlets(available at Christmas only)

€24 per dozen (Minimum order 2 dozen)


Homemade marchmallow is much better than shop-bought. They are gorgeous in a mug of drinking chocolate, mixed into a homemade chocolate ice cream recipe or simply eaten on their own!

 Marshmallow Pops:

Homemade Marshmallow served on a stick dipped in White, Milk or Dark Chocolate and Sprinkles.

                                                        (Minimum order of 24/ 2 dozen)
Chocolate brownie:
There is nothing quite like a fudgy, dense chocolate brownie. We’ve got so many variations on the classic chocolate brownie recipe.Chocolate . Cheesecake Brownies . Mint . Cookies and Cream . Triple Chocolate . Millionaire . Peanut butter . Salted caramel . Chocolate Baileys .  Lemon Meringue .

Decorated Cookies:

Our freshly baked and creatively decorated or personalised cookies are wonderful souvenirs that your guests will greatly appreciate and enjoy. Choose from our themes such as bride, groom, cherry cupcake, flowers, hearts, wedding dress, wedding cake, and many more.


Please contact us for further information about our delicious homemade sweet treats and dessert tables.