wedding cakes:

wedding cake and cuo cakesAs a pastry chef I am especially passionate about the quality of the ingredients I use in my cakes and sweet treats. All my cakes and treats are baked to order,ensuring quality by using freshest, finest ingredients and locally sourced (where possible). All cake and flavour combinations are carefully chosen. Giving clients that ultimate palatable experience; as well as,the wow factor centerpiece perfect for your special day.

Each cake are layered and filled with a smooth Italian meringue buttercream. With the addition of sensationally refreshing citrus curds, sweet conserves or delicate caramel and decadent chocolate for extra flavor. Coupled with a variety of nuts, fruits and spices for a little texture.

Cake style vary depending on the type of cake you choose. A cake finished with a textured buttercream, for example, semi or naked cakes are particularly trendy at the minute. They emphases the rustic appeal when filled with buttercream and curds, caramel or conserves and decorated with seasonal fruits. This style cake definitely exposes the cakes natural beauty.Or maybe a cake simply finished with a layer of rich Belgian ganache or a fondant icing instead. Decorated with fresh or sugar flowers which will express that clean stylish finish.

Ingredients used :


All cakes and treats on my menu contain WHEAT, EGGS and DAIRY. All cakes are made in a kitchen which uses NUTS.

I cannot guarantee that my cakes are 100% allergen free as these products are present in my kitchen.

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