Sweet Treats and Dessert Tables:

Sweet Treats and Dessert Tables:

You Are What You Eat;

So Eat Something Sweet!!


The Chic Cake Boutique will be launching our range of sweet treats and dessert tables soon.

Add the WOW to your wedding reception with a feast of sweet treats and a dessert table to accompany your wedding cake. 

If you would like to chat more about any of our products; please fill out the contact form!!!

Some of these photos were taken as part of a food photography course I did in CIT.

Classic French Macarons:
A classic French macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection.
Vanilla  .  Lemon .  strawberry .  Chocolate  .  White Chocolate     champgane . salted caramel                      
​€2.50 each
(minimum order of 20)
Sour Cherry and lemon marchmallow
Homemade Marchmallow:
Marshmallow is a confectionery made from sugar, water and gelatin whipped to a squishy consistency. It can be favoured and is coated with icing sugar and cornflour.
Lemon .  strawberry .  Chocolate  champgane . salted caramel . Sour Cherry . Raspberry €40 for 12 pieces

limerick cookies
Sugar Cookies:
A homemade flavoured biscuit rolled and cut into shapes.
Lemon . Chocolate Chip . White Chocolate and Raspberry . Vanilla . Triple Chocolate
​€2 each
(Minimum order of 24/ 2 dozen)
A small cake with a curd, jam, caramel or a soft chocolate ganache filling topped with a flavoured Italian meringue buttercream finished with a decoration.
Lemon . Chocolate . Red Velvet . Vanilla . Caramel
€30 per dozen.
(Minimum order of 24/ 2 dozen)
Meringue Kisses:
These colourful mini meringues are a great little sweet party nibble.
Lemon . Peppermint . Strawberry . Raspberry . Peach
€30 per dozen.
(Minimum order of 24/ 2 dozen)