wedding cakes

Wedding Cake Prices:

The wedding Cake price list below are starting prices; actual price of each cake will depend on the individual design, style and specifications required.

All cakes will have four layers and will be 5″ deep, approximate servings sizes of all round cakes are 1″x 1″. The debth of your cake may change depending on the style of your wedding cake. Any additional decorating, set up and delivery are extra. 

For more information take a look at our cake portion serving guide. (This is only an approximate guide as to the amount of portions received from each tier).

Wedding cakes
Wedding cakes
Wedding cakes

Silver package:

Gold package:

Platinum package:

One – Two Tier Cakes:

Perfect for a small intimate wedding or photo shoot:

Approx Servings. 36 – 62


€220 – €395

Three – Four Tier Cakes:

Our most popular package:

Approx Servings. 74 – 130


€395 – € 700

5 + Tier Cakes:

Bespoke centrepiece for your wedding day:

Approx Serving. 140 +


€1000 +

Fondant Wedding Cakes

2 Tier (8″/6″): from €395
Small 3-tier(8″/6″/4″): from €450
Standard 3-tier(10″/8″/6″): from €500
Large 3-tier(12″/10″/8″): from €600
Small 4-tier (10″/8″/6″/4″): from €630
Large 4-tier (12″/10″/8″/6″): from €700
5-tier (12″/10″/8″/6″/4):  from €1000

Ganache/Buttercream Wedding Cakes

2-tier(8″/6″): from €350
Small3-tier(8″/6″/4″): from €395
Standard 3-tier(10″/8″/6″): from €475
Large 3-tier(12″/10″/8″): from €575
Small 4- tier (10″/8″/6″/4″): from €610
Large 4-tier (12″/10″/8″/6″): from  €700